Summer In London / ロンドンの夏


Summer in London is less humid, not too hot and much agreeable than the one in Japan.
There were some cold days and strange weather like sudden storm in July but it’s been sunny recently.
But August has already half past and I can feel autumn in the air.
Wish we could have this beautiful season a little more!
It’s even cold in the evening as you can see the fox curling himself into a ball.
Anyway, I’ll try to enjoy the rest of summer as much as I can!

Season of roses/バラの季節

englishrose s


It’s a season of roses now in the UK. You can see lots of beautiful roses here and there. The air is filled with fresh sweet scents of roses and other flowers as well. There is no mosquito here unlike in Japan so you can enjoy the time in the greens outside as much as you like without being scared by insects! I sometimes feel like as if I’m in fairytale story or something when I’m taking a walk in the greens of this lovely season.  I enjoy and love this time of the year very much. 😀

Biscuits from Orkney 2 / オークニーからのビスケット2



I just created a list of the toppings go well with Stockan’s oatcake. These biscuits are bit salty like crackers so it’s nice to have it for snack or brunch. Which one would you like to try?
For me it’s difficult to choose but I’ll go for mackerel & lemon, fresh tuna & peach, beans jam & marron glace. Some of these are Japanese style though I hope you’ll like it!




Also I did some sketch the things caught my heart whilst I’m researching about Orkney. I found that young girls are wearing so pretty traditional costume which represents colt at the Orkney festival which held in August every year. That reminds me of some Japanese festival for children to wish their health and happiness. What is the origin of this festival? I became want to know more about this. There are lots of unique animals and plans there as well. The more I know about it, the more I find things I don’t know, and the more I want to know about it. 😀

Biscuits from Orkney / オークニーからのビスケット


ストッカン社があるのはスコットランドの北東に位置するオークニー諸島。そこで製造したビスケットがイギリス全土、世界へ送られています。いろんな国の文化、どんなところで、どんな人たちが、どんな暮らしをしているのか、すごく興味があって、最初にこのビスケットからオークニー諸島のことを知った時、どんなところなんだろう?と思って少し調べていたのです。イギリスにも離島があって、そこにも歴史があって、その土地に伝わる文化があって、人々が毎日生活を営んでいる。そこに住んでいる人が、たまたまわたしの絵を見て、遠く日本から来てロンドンに住んでいるわたしあてにビスケットを送ってくださって、、なんだかとても感慨深い気持ちになりました。偶然とはいえ、不思議なご縁を感じました。お互いに、一生、少しも触れ合うこともなかったかもしれない、絶対に知る由もなかったかもしれない、のに。最初にストッカン社から「缶を送りたいのですが」とメールをいただいて、数日後に届いた缶には一緒に「As promised.」約束の通りに(送るわね)、と小さなメモが添えてありました。なんだか、古い友達から手紙をもらったような気持ちになりました。もしかしたら、人生に起こるすべてのことは最初から約束どおりに決まっていて、わたしたちは、その約束をなぞっていっているだけなのかもしれないなあと、ふと思いました。

Stockan’s oat cakes, I wrote about the other day, the oat biscuit company Stockan’s saw my illustration by chance and kindly sent me a pretty tin to keep the biscuits (with biscuits inside of course)! This tin which can be found in supermarkets as well has some beautiful photos on it like puffin, a bird represents Orkney islands, some kinds of cheese and tomatos go well with the biscuits. Also some toppings written in beautiful classical hand writing style font like cheddar cheese, smoked salmon which are good when served on the biscuits are on it as decoration.
The Stockan’s is located on an island in Orkney, north west off shore from Scotland. Their traditional biscuits are sent to all over the UK and the world from there. I am so interested to know foreign culture and local people’s life so I did some research when I knew about Orkney through this biscuits first time. It was interesting to know islands like Orkney and their culture and their life there even if it’s limited information from internet. Those islands remind me of my home town as Japan consists of lots of small island and each island has own unique custom too. That made me want to visit there one day. I felt this is something like a fate when I thought I wouldn’t know about Orkney if I didn’t find these biscuits first, but now I knew about it and I even received a tin from people who live there.  All our lives might be already set as promise and we might be tracing it unconsciously.
Thank you very much, Moira! 🙂

Blueberry cheesecake/ブルーベリーチーズケーキ



Sweets in Britain are basically made using a huge amount of sugar and butter compare to Japanese sweets. They are really colourful and so cute but unfortunately it’s a bit too sweet & heavy to eat for me except for cheesecakes. Cheesecakes are less sweeter than others even though every cheesecake is still very rich like NY cheesecake it’s my favourite so I’m enjoying it.
I love to draw food, and of course I love to eat as well.
Delicious food always makes people so happy. 🙂

Pigeons in the red flower bush//赤い花の木と鳩



There was a tree of red tiny flowers in full bloom
On the tree was some pigeons with beautiful plume

The red tiny flowers blooming in the twilit
Waving calmly in the breeze in my sight



Fighting with ants/蟻との戦い



I’m recently struggled by ants coming into my flat although I’m living on the third floor. Houses in the UK are strong made with bricks and stones but the way it’s built seems bit rough compare to Japanese houses (especially there are lots of old houses in my area). You can find small gaps between walls here and there which enable ants coming into the rooms. I’m wondering if they are coming up occupying each floor in order. I decided to fill the gaps as I did’t want to spray insects-killer in my kitchen. As soon as I started it I was bit surprised finding how roughly those furnitures are installed and I thought I could make it much better even I’m not professional.. Anyway I hate ants but I like to concentrate fixing walls using art materials reminds me of my school days of pottery is something like a training for meditation.

Daily tools/生活道具



I couldn’t help drawing those brooms when I found these because they were so pretty!
Daily life, that is the most precious thing for me. I also admire tools in our daily lives.
I am interested in the way people live in foreign countries. I want to travel around the world and meet the local people and feel the culture, then I want to draw their lives, daily tools, food, and more.. one day! 🙂

Maldon Sea Salt/モルデンの塩



Sea salt from Maldon is the first salt for me that I was impressed by the taste. What this salt differ from other ones is the shape of the salt is crystallized flakes. It’s so beautiful like snow flakes but sadly I have to crush it when I use it for meals like salad though. Maldon’s salt is magically mild and gentle flavour and it’s never be stingy salty like the other salt does (but be careful not to use it too much!). When I gave this to my cooking-expert-friend as a souvenir she even said “This salt can be nibbles goes well with sake”. I’m also interested in their smoked salt. I must try it!
Maldon is a family company producing these salt keeping simple but artisan way since it’s established in 1882. I just noticed that the companies and people which have been creating “genuine” things like this value a relationship with their family and people around them, holding unwavering conviction. I thought it can be said on the people who are creating pictures, crafts, great artworks as well.