Coleman’s Mustard/コールマンのマスタード



British mustard is much milder and tastes salty than Japanese one. I was a bit surprised how mild it is when I had this first. This is the one you can see on the hotdogs. I think Japanese mustard is shockingly spicy to the British people. This mild musterd goes well with any food so I often have it with chips, hamburgers, fried chickens. Coleman’s of Norwich, the company producing these mustard continues making their mustard using almost the same process for over 200 years since the beginning. They’re using locally sourced ingredients and what great is, they’re now into 5th generation of mustard growers! The farmers and the company, all of them must be like a big family. I really love the retro beautiful package so I can’t take my eyes off of the pot even whlist I’m eating. It’s difficult to see in my illustration above but there is a cow on the middle of the pot. I’m wondering why it has a cow on it because it’s not dairy product? I think I’m going to go to the museum to solve the mystery. 🙂

(Reference to the websites of Coleman’s of Norwich and Colman’s of Norwich Musterd Shop and Museum)