Carlsberg Citrus/カールスバーグ シトラス




Carlsberg is a well known Danish beer company. You can drink it in the pubs in the UK of course and you’ll find it in supermarket as well. This bottle is citrus beer which has lower alcohol than regular one. It tastes so fruity like juice so very easy to drink. I always have to be careful not to drink too much! I printed both cheerful version and calm version. Which do you prefer?

Let’s dance in the sun



The weather became warm all of sudden in these few days like summer rather than spring.
The sun is shining, people are wearing T-shirts or even just no-sleeve shirts.
Spring and summer in the uk is just like a paradise after cold-grey-wet winter.
All greens are starting to bud and lots of colourful flowers are blooming. I can feel the vibrant energy of lives of the nature.
I want to go for a picnic in this lovely weather! 🙂

Tea time/お茶の時間



Britain is the country of “tea”. There are so many kinds of tea here in the uk. Not only black tea, but also herb tea. I always have some stock in my kitchen and choose the one I feel like to have. It’s just a little moment of a day but it makes me relax and gives me a hint of elegance.




I went to Royal Opera House to see Giselle. Giselle is one of the most famous ballet programs which is so beautiful but sad love story. In the big theatres in London they’ve always got some reasonable seats in any program so you can enjoy operas or concerts like going to the cinema. There were some groups of school kids watching the ballet with their teachers when I was there too. It is great to feel arts in daily life like this. The cafes and restaurants in the theatre will also help you to get into the dreamy world easily. I saw some elegant madame wearing gorgeous dresses having glasses of champagne before the show. I love the atmosphere and that made me feel that the show has already started once you stepped into the theatre and the time like this is also a part of the dream.