Biscuits from Orkney 2 / オークニーからのビスケット2



I just created a list of the toppings go well with Stockan’s oatcake. These biscuits are bit salty like crackers so it’s nice to have it for snack or brunch. Which one would you like to try?
For me it’s difficult to choose but I’ll go for mackerel & lemon, fresh tuna & peach, beans jam & marron glace. Some of these are Japanese style though I hope you’ll like it!




Also I did some sketch the things caught my heart whilst I’m researching about Orkney. I found that young girls are wearing so pretty traditional costume which represents colt at the Orkney festival which held in August every year. That reminds me of some Japanese festival for children to wish their health and happiness. What is the origin of this festival? I became want to know more about this. There are lots of unique animals and plans there as well. The more I know about it, the more I find things I don’t know, and the more I want to know about it. 😀

Han Kang, Korean restaurant /韓国料理!

お友達おすすめの韓国料理を食べに行きました。Han Kang という韓国料理屋さんです。

I went to Korean restaurant, Han Kang with my friends for dinner. We had Japchae, Kimchi, Bibim-bab, Korean pan cake, Namul which are very popular Korean menu. All were not too spicy and really nice. Korean food and Japanese food are different but I felt relaxed like I’m at home when I had this maybe as it has the same root, Asia. London is such a diverse city so you can find lots of multinational restaurants. Actually it was difficult to decide where to go this time because there were so many even just Korean restaurant. It is really interesting to live in the melting pot of culture, London. I want to try other national’s food from now on.