Maldon Sea Salt/モルデンの塩



Sea salt from Maldon is the first salt for me that I was impressed by the taste. What this salt differ from other ones is the shape of the salt is crystallized flakes. It’s so beautiful like snow flakes but sadly I have to crush it when I use it for meals like salad though. Maldon’s salt is magically mild and gentle flavour and it’s never be stingy salty like the other salt does (but be careful not to use it too much!). When I gave this to my cooking-expert-friend as a souvenir she even said “This salt can be nibbles goes well with sake”. I’m also interested in their smoked salt. I must try it!
Maldon is a family company producing these salt keeping simple but artisan way since it’s established in 1882. I just noticed that the companies and people which have been creating “genuine” things like this value a relationship with their family and people around them, holding unwavering conviction. I thought it can be said on the people who are creating pictures, crafts, great artworks as well.

Garner’s Pickled Onions/ガーナーズ 玉ねぎのピクルス



Garner’s Pickled Onions. You can find many kinds of pickles at supermarket. These pickles are very similar to Japanese pickled chalotes. It goes well with heavy dishes like meat.

Carlsberg Citrus/カールスバーグ シトラス




Carlsberg is a well known Danish beer company. You can drink it in the pubs in the UK of course and you’ll find it in supermarket as well. This bottle is citrus beer which has lower alcohol than regular one. It tastes so fruity like juice so very easy to drink. I always have to be careful not to drink too much! I printed both cheerful version and calm version. Which do you prefer?