Season of roses/バラの季節

englishrose s


It’s a season of roses now in the UK. You can see lots of beautiful roses here and there. The air is filled with fresh sweet scents of roses and other flowers as well. There is no mosquito here unlike in Japan so you can enjoy the time in the greens outside as much as you like without being scared by insects! I sometimes feel like as if I’m in fairytale story or something when I’m taking a walk in the greens of this lovely season.  I enjoy and love this time of the year very much. 😀

Blueberry cheesecake/ブルーベリーチーズケーキ



Sweets in Britain are basically made using a huge amount of sugar and butter compare to Japanese sweets. They are really colourful and so cute but unfortunately it’s a bit too sweet & heavy to eat for me except for cheesecakes. Cheesecakes are less sweeter than others even though every cheesecake is still very rich like NY cheesecake it’s my favourite so I’m enjoying it.
I love to draw food, and of course I love to eat as well.
Delicious food always makes people so happy. 🙂

Daily tools/生活道具



I couldn’t help drawing those brooms when I found these because they were so pretty!
Daily life, that is the most precious thing for me. I also admire tools in our daily lives.
I am interested in the way people live in foreign countries. I want to travel around the world and meet the local people and feel the culture, then I want to draw their lives, daily tools, food, and more.. one day! 🙂